Woodbury Vineyards has a history rich in tradition, and part of that tradition includes aging our wines in toasted oak barrels. This art has been part of the Woodbury custom since 1986 and has assisted us in winning hundreds of awards and medals for our fine wines.

We invite you to join our tradition by adopting a barrel and becoming a “Barrel Parent” for only $599.  When you Adopt-A-Barrel®, and become a Barrel Parent, you receive:

  • $400 of Woodbury Wine
  • A custom plaque mounted on your barrel in our cellar until your barrel is retired.
  • An “Adoption Packet”, which includes a certificate that identifies your barrel and program details.
  • The opportunity to visit your barrel when the winery is open.
  • A Canton Cooperage Grand Cru American Oak barrel when the barrel is retired (typically 12 – 14 months after the barrel is first used).
  • A photo of you with your barrel posted on our Facebook page.