This sweet strawberry kiwi flavored blush wine can be taken anywhere for an easy-drinking wine. 

We have found a cure! The blood is returning to the flesh. This is the answer to all the suffering. Slowly but surely the blood is running through their bodies again. When BLUSHING color turns back to red, we will all be saved.

(10% Residual Sugar) 

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A delightful semi-sweet blend of our 100% Cranberry Wine blended with our locally sourced Riesling. This semi sweet wine shines with a great bright acidity with flavors of cranberry mixed with the apple and minerality of the Riesling. It makes for an easy drinking blend great for all occasions!

(4.25% Residual Sugar) 

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This Catawba wine is a wonderfully versatile sweet blush. It has strong grape forward flavor and a musky nose. For many this wine is very nostalgic, and is great for holidays, beaches, bonfires, and vacations. 

(7% Residual Sugar)

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