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Please be advised that shipping times may be delayed during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We will keep everyone informed as much as possible as much of this is beyond our control. Thank you for your continued patience!

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Need a break from the daily grind of adulthood? Send your taste buds on a trip back to their childhood with this Blue Raspberry flavored wine!

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SKU: 78136016594

The irresistible taste of peanut butter and chocolate mixed with the rich taste of Concord grapes make this wine an absolute hit at home or at a party. Deinitely a wine you dont want to miss out on!!

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SKU: 6041299168

This sweet strawberry kiwi flavored blush wine can be taken anywhere for an easy-drinking wine. 

We have found a cure! The blood is returning to the flesh. This is the answer to all the suffering. Slowly but surely the blood is running through their bodies again. When BLUSHING color turns back to red we will all be saved.

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SKU: 79262571262

Woodbury Vineyards' 2019 Riesling is a light crisp semi-dry style Riesling. This Riesling is nicely balanced and features notes of lemon zest and pear on the nose with flavors of citrus and apple. This wine pairs beautifully with chicken or seafood. 

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Our team led by Winemaker/General Manager Justin Ortel aims to give you a fun and enjoyable experience in our expansive tasting room! You will be sure to remember this winery! We love both our experienced wine tasters as well as people who are new to the wine industry. There is no need to feel intimidated about tasting wine! Come in and have some fun!

About Us

Welcome to Woodbury Winery & Vineyards

Home of the “Best Chardonnay in the Northern Hemisphere” (Intervin 1988). Your destination for a one-of-a-kind tour of award-winning handcrafted wines!
Now under New Management!

We work very hard to produce handcrafted wines of the highest quality made from fresh premium locally grown grapes. We excel in both traditional wines as well as wines that push the limit of traditional wine-making.  We welcome you to visit us to enjoy our intimate, casual atmosphere for a fun, unique, and  educational experience that you will surely remember!

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